Mural 15


Advertising signs painted on the side of businesses dates back to the late 1800s. Signs such as the Coca-Cola sign on the side of this building in The Dalles are reminiscent to the days when companies sent out the art work on a large piece of paper, a color chart, and instructions on how to paint the advertisement.  Today’s billboards have replaced the painted signs (both on buildings and billboards) but there is a resurgence in saving these artistic pieces of history.

Since 1980, U.S. communities have invested $53 billion through public and private donations in Main Street revitalization programs and have restored more than 229,000 buildings, according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

This Coca-Cola sign is one of three advertising signs that have been repainted by The Dalles Mural Society.  More signs could be given renewed life with financial support in the form of donations, fund raisers, and grants.

Artist:  This is a repaint of old mural advertising sign on side of building.
Located on: Located on the left hand side of the building at 2nd and Washington. This is building where the Celilo Falls mural is located.