Mural 14

“Albers Flapjack Flour” 

“Man alive, these are reall Flapjacks. A steaming plate of tender hotcakes, flaned by a dish of butter and jub of amber-colored syrup — there’s a breakfast!” So advertised the manufacture in 1922.

“Quality! That’s the secret — the reason for the ever growing popularity of Albers Flapjack Flour. Your Grocer Recommends Albers Quality”  A large package could be purchased for about 27 cents.

Albers Flapjack Flour was produced by Albers Bros. Milling Co. They also manufactured Albers Rolled Oats, Albers Wheat Flakes, and Albers Tapioca.

Albers Bros. Milling Co. was founded by Bernhard Albers, a y oung German immigrant, who worked for a Pacific Northwest wholesale grocer. He saved his month with the goal of going into business for himeslf. He pursuaded his four brothers to join him in 1895 to start the companin in Portland, Orwegon.  With $15,000, the four brothers and another partner formed the milling company.  By 1899, the partner was bought out and formed the Albers Bros. Milling Company and Albers Cornmeal was born.

Artist: Kenneth C. Nielsen and J. Santana
Location: Downtown, on the left hand side of the building at 302 E. 3rd Street. Located in the parking lot.  Access to the parking lot is through the alley or park on the street. Opposite the Old Wasco County Mural #9.