Mural 10

“Rock of Ages” (Pulpit Rock)

The Methodist-Episcopal Church in 1833 appointed Reverend Jason Lee as Missionary to Oregon, to bring the word of God to the native people in Oregon. Lee settled in the Willamette Valley, and sent his nephew Reverend Daniel Lee and Reverend H.K.W. Perkins to the new Methodist Mission that was to be established at The Dalles. They arrived March 21, 1838. They called the mission “Wascopam Mission”, named for the Wasco tribe living in the area. Reverend Perkins describes his mission as the “Wonderful Work of God.”

The Wascopam Methodist Mission included preaching, prayer, teaching, translation, conversion, baptism, visitation and Christian comfort in the ever changing and challenging lands of the new territories. During the period between 1838 and 1848, the area north of Pulpit Rock, at Amotan Springs (now on the grounds of The Dalles Wahtonka High School) became the primary meeting and preaching location in the area.

Pulpit Rock still stands today. To visit this rock monument, starting from 1st and Union – go up the hill (headed south on Union Street) to East 12th. Turn left (east) on 12th and go one block to Court Street. The rock is located just south of The Dalles Wahtonka High School.

Artist: Hulan Fleming, assisted by Gary Bright
 June 1999
 Downtown, E. 3rd Street, on the Salvation Army building.